What To Include In Your Will

If you are making a will for the first time, you might wonder what to include in it. Including the right instructions and wording is vital when creating a will. It is also helpful to hire a lawyer to assist you with this task. You can create wills online, but it is hard to know what to include when you do not have legal assistance. Therefore, you should consider scheduling an appointment with a lawyer that offers estate planning services, and you should add the following things in your will.

Your Assets and Who Gets Them

One of the most common reasons people make wills is to ensure that the right people receive their assets after they die. If this is one of your goals, here are a few tips to consider:

  • List each asset individually
  • Describe the asset in detail
  • State the person's name that gets the asset

For example, assume you own two classic cars. If you want to give one to your son and one to your daughter, make sure you list them separately. Include the make and model of each vehicle and state which child gets each specific car. If you want the 1970 Ford to go to your daughter, write that on your will. If you want your son to get the 1965 Chevy, write that on your will. Being as specific as possible can help prevent confusion when your family settles your estate.

Consider Your Young Children

Another vital part of a will is instructions for young children. If your kids are young when you create your will, you should consider naming a guardian. Suppose you and your spouse died in a tragic car accident, leaving your young kids behind. Where would they live? Who would raise them? You can use your will to make these decisions. Hopefully, this will not happen, but at least your kids would have protection if it did.

Think About Incapacitation

One last thing to think about is incapacitation. Imagine if you reach a point where you cannot make financial or medical decisions for yourself. Who would you want to take over these duties? You can include this information in your will, too, and you should. Making these decisions before you need them is essential.

A will's lawyer can help you with the things listed here and can suggest other things to add to your will. You can learn more by visiting a wills lawyer today.