Corporate Lawyer Assumptions A Business Owner Should Avoid

Owning a business can involve sizable financial risks, but individuals should avoid overlooking the fact that there can be several legal issues and challenges that they will have to address. Corporate lawyers can be a valuable tool for meeting these needs and providing your business with the legal representation that is required.

Assumption: Corporate Lawyers Are Only Needed For Businesses With Multiple Owners Or Investors

While corporate lawyers will often work with larger businesses that have multiple investors or owners, these lawyers can also work with sole proprietorship businesses. These businesses can face many of the same liabilities as those with larger or more complicated ownership structures. However, small business owners can tend to radically underestimate their legal needs. By retaining a corporate lawyer, small business owners may more effectively take steps that will limit their legal exposure so they can focus more of their energy on the actual operations of their company.

Assumption: Your Company Will Only Require A Corporate Lawyer When It Is Facing Major Legal Disputes

There is a common belief that a company will only need to hire a corporate lawyer when it is facing imminent legal threats. However, a corporate lawyer can help a business potentially avoid future legal issues as well as provide representation when these problems do arise. An example of this could be devising a corporate structure that minimizes legal issues, implementing policies that can reduce future legal threats, and providing answers to legal liability issues that the management team may need to be answered.

Assumption: A Corporate Lawyer Will Simply Over Complicated Disputes And Other Issues

Some business owners may assume that it will always be easier to manage these issues on their own. An example of this could be an ownership group that avoids a formal structure for the company. This could dramatically increase the chances of conflict emerging in the future, and it may make it far more difficult to resolve these disputes when they do arise. While it can be understandable to become frustrated by the limitations that the corporate lawyer may recommend, this is done to both mitigate legal risks and to ensure that the business is in a strong position to resolve these matters when they do arise. Fortunately, these attorneys can work closely with their corporate clients to create a legal strategy that can meet their full range of needs without overly impacting the business's operations or strategic options. 

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